Emma Anderson

Case Manager Assistant (CMA)

Emma has developed a great amount of experience as a Team leader and support worker over her 25 years of working with clients in often challenging environments. She has worked with a huge range of patients from the elderly to those with complex physical and mental health issues in care homes and private care. As such, Emma makes for the perfect Case Manager Assistant as she’s highly adaptable, a quick thinker and can deal with high pressure situations with complete control and professionalism. She is passionate about high standards in care and maintaining patient’s independence and rights.

She has worked for many years with patients who have specialist needs and issues including alcohol dependency, Cancer, Huntington’s disease, substance abuse, MS, severe burns, self-harm, cerebral palsy, Dementia, autism, terminally illness and brain injuries.

As well as working with the patients themselves, Emma has liaised and provided support for family members affected by illness and brings these skills to Stokes Case Management.

Emma is highly skilled in managing and structuring care plans for individuals and is acutely aware of the need to ensure quality of life and independence. Her previous roles have naturally led her to working with a wide range of professionals to ensure the right level of care in the best interest of the client.

Emma’s communications skills and her ability to interact with the client’s family and care team are huge assets to us. She has high levels of empathy and an innate insight into how patients and their family feel; allowing her to approach her role compassionately at all times, while enforcing and following procedures and continually gaining respect from peers and patients.