Rachel Morgan

Case Manager Assistant (CMA)

Rachel began her career in industry. She moved to teaching, specifically mathematics at secondary school. It is as a teacher that Rachel realised a profound desire to help disadvantaged people. She went on to specialise in teaching teenagers with special educational needs, employing an empathetic and deeply caring approach towards her pupils.

Rachel’s previous roles within work have provided her with a wide range of key skills, which she routinely draws on and utilises in her current engagements. In her early career, Rachel gained various skills through organising and costing projects. She became highly skilled in the technical and legal aspects of project management and developed a keen understanding and ability to implement health and safety policies.

As health and safety advisor for her family business, Rachel learned the art of dealing with staff members in a diplomatic and objective manner. As the owner and operator of a catering company she greatly improved her understanding of the importance of nutrition and the benefits of healthy eating.

It is as a teacher of mathematics that Rachel found her true vocation through her passion for empowering disadvantaged people. Key to her success was profound empathy and an innate understanding of her pupils’ difficulties.

Rachel is highly experienced in the management of people and projects. Rachel is both encouraging and empathetic towards her clients and is always considerate of their family and friends’ needs. She is highly proficient in the application of care plans, employing a methodical and thorough approach. The service Rachel provides is enhanced further through her excellent interpersonal communication skills, be it with providers of care and equipment or with the clients themselves and their families and friends.

Through professional diversity, Rachel brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Case Manager Assistant. She is extremely professional, yet compassionate in her approach towards her clients. She thrives under pressure and takes great pride in providing consistently high quality, laudable results within this, her current field of expertise.

  • DBS checked