Sarah Sweeney

Case Manager Assistant

BSc in Health and Social Care Leadership and Management

Sarah is a dynamic, and responsive case manager assistant, who is highly experienced in crisis management, providing a quick and rapid response to client needs. They are a highly supportive individual, dedicating themselves to a client centrered approach in all their work.

Their background in grassroots organisations and community mental health contributes regularly to their work as they remain a patient and understanding individual. Sarah is highly sensitive to intersectional issues, having worked with a variety of people with different backgrounds, which makes her well equipped to work with a variety of clients.

Sarah’s previous role at The Women’s Equality Network encouraged Sarah to passionately advocate for vulnerable individuals, something which Sarah continuously employs Stokes by advocating fiercely for their clients. Sarah’s devotion to advocacy, as well as their training in equality and diversity, has led them to spearheading the promotion of diversity at Stokes. They are currently revising our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity policy, whilst working closely with CMSUK and their Equalities Steering Group.

They also regularly volunteer with The We Can Do Project, which engages people with acquired brain injuries, with music and art, something which Sarah is very passionate about.

Sarah’s experience, combined with their temperament, makes them extremely effective at handling multidisciplinary team members, liaising with professionals, and being a supportive advocate for their client.

  • DBS checked