At Stokes Case Management, we know it can often be overwhelming for individuals with complex needs and disabilities, and their family and friends, to process the support they will need post-injury and understand who will help them.

We’ve been working on an exciting new project to help our clients and the clients of deputies and litigators, to explain who we are, how we help and the value of professionally skilled, experienced case managers – and we’re finally ready to share it!

Passion, personality, creativity & professionalism

Those who already work with Stokes will know that as well as championing the professionalism of case management, we’re equally as passionate about combining professional skills with an ‘OK’, we can do this approach, creativity, and personalised support as well as diversity of choice and attention to detail.

To help deputies and legal professionals and our own case managers to communicate who we are, we’ve launched the first in a series of highly creative animated explainer videos, the first of which can be streamed below from our new Stokes Case Management Vimeo channel.

Lights, camera, animation!

Our short, engaging new animation puts our words into action and our actions into relatable, visual character-full scenarios to help clients process who case managers are, our role, our vibrant, diverse mix of personalities, how we work and the value our personalised support can offer to all of our clients and their loved ones.

We absolutely love this animation and think it reflects the culture, approach and personality of Stokes Case Management perfectly!

Our sincere thanks to Magenta Studios for their outstanding talent and passion in creating a magical animated explainer that we feel truly represents us all here at Stokes – and our clients too!

Your clients’ animated guide to Stokes Case Management

We’d love to know what you think but importantly, we’d love for you to share it with your clients.

We hope that individuals with complex needs and disabilities – and their families – find it engaging, relevant and helpful when being introduced to case management for the first time.

If you’d like to receive a copy of the video to download to share with your clients, please contact our marketing team.

We hope you enjoy watching our new animation as much as we do!