What they say…

We are proud to work with inspirational individuals, their families and outstanding legal professionals in the UK. Our enthusiasm and passion for our work is innate – we pick our team members wisely – but largely fuelled by our successful cases where everyone can identify the impact of case management and positive outcome for clients and their families.

In September 2020, we were named ‘Service Professionals Team of the Year’ at the Wales Legal Awards 2020, where we faced strong competition from IFAs, compliance consultants and others. We’re incredibly proud of the judges’ comments (below) as their words suggest they were impressed with our values, our reputation and the value we bring to litigation and deputy teams, as well as to our clients.

You can view the judges’ comments in the Vimeo, below:



Some of the legal professionals and clients we support wanted to share their experience of working with Stokes Case Management, so we’ve left a few for you to read…

"They are instrumental in transforming the lives of many."


“A measure of success will include how well we adapt to change/challenge whilst still delivering on our core values for the benefit of our clients. And what a year of challenge we have all faced.

“Stokes Case Management have not only met the challenges posed by the pandemic head-on but also gone on to expand and improve their service, in part evidenced by their CQC accreditation achieved at the end of 2020, and in September 2020 when recognised in the Wales Legal Awards.

“The have a strong collaborative culture when working with other professionals and a deep empathy of all clients’ needs. They are instrumental in transforming the lives of many.”

Huw Ponting, Head of Personal Injury, Enable Law


"No case is too difficult or complex for them"


“Stokes Case Management – Working with the right people is crucial.

“At Levenes we are very lucky to count on the services of Stokes Case Management Company when their input is most needed. Their professionalism makes our job easier and makes a real difference to our clients. No case is too difficult or complex for them and they really know their stuff.

“Rhiannon Stokes is a force of nature!”

Isidoro Bonilla, Solicitor, Levenes


"They bring a 'can do' attitude to situations and encourage the rest of the multi-disciplinary team to find innovative solutions to problems."


“The last 18 months have been tough for everyone, especially for many of our clients whose complex medical conditions have required them to shield and many who struggle to cope with change and their fixed routine.

“During this time though, working with Stokes Case Management and many of their excellent team has really highlighted how they will go above and beyond for our clients. Not only did they work exceptionally hard in the early days, to reassure clients and put in place new plans and measures to support them, but throughout they have provided support both physically and emotionally.

“The entire team are enthusiastic and upbeat; They have seen this as an opportunity to try new ways of working with clients and are always looking for the positives. They bring a ‘can do’ attitude to situations and encourage the rest of the multi-disciplinary team to find innovative solutions to problems.”


"We have faced crisis after crisis as a result of the pandemic and yet the case managers take it all in their stride."


“I have a number of clients who have achieved more during the pandemic, than they ever have before, and I know this is down to the hard work of the individuals at Stokes and their unwavering support to their clients and other professionals working alongside them. We have faced crisis after crisis as a result of the pandemic and yet the case managers take it all in their stride, offering all kinds of solutions from what almost seems like thin air at times. They are professional, dedicated and full of positive energy, fun and laughter, the importance of their latter qualities cannot be underestimated after the past year and more.

“I personally have enjoyed working with the many members of the team I am privileged to work alongside and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”

Maria Meek, Partner, Court of Protection, Royds Withy King


"The company has recruited excellent case managers from a wide variety of backgrounds."


“I and my colleagues from NewLaw have working with Rhiannon Stokes and Stokes Case Management since the company started.

“From the very outset the company reflected Rhiannon’s passion for caring for clients who have experienced brain injury, and their families.

“The company has recruited excellent case managers from a wide variety of backgrounds so we can almost always find someone with the appropriate skill set to reflect the needs of our clients. The company structure and support services have evolved over time. They are a great help during litigation with the timely provision of records and reports when required.

“The case managers also understand the rigours of litigation and are confident in attending conferences with the litigation team and providing witness statements as well as liaising with care experts from both sides.”


"The recent addition of HR services within Stokes has also helped enormously on cases with employed care teams


“The service has also evolved to provide not only well qualified case managers, but also excellent assistant case managers who establish excellent relations with our clients. This ensures that costs are kept to a reasonable level by allowing the assistants to manage more mundane elements of the case at a lower hourly rate. The recent addition of HR services within Stokes has also helped enormously on cases with employed care teams. It means that the company offer the full package of support require by our clients and also by us in our varying roles of deputy and litigation.”


"They will move heaven and earth to help out."


“Aside from the structure of the organisation is the culture that runs through the team to do all they can to help when needed. When we need matters attended to urgently whether as Deputy or through the litigation then they will move heaven and earth to help out.

“The support given to the injured person, their families and also to the wider care and therapy team has always been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone seeking those services.”

Robert Thomas, Director and Court of Protection Deputy, NewLaw Solicitors


"My life now, once again, has the possibility of a bright future."


“Rhiannon was recommended to me by my legal representative to assess my needs and to implement a team to help and care for my needs in a difficult time of rehabilitation. I was in a state of clinical depression due to severe orthopaedic/brain injuries and was finding it very difficult to engage at any level. I was uncommunicative and unresponsive to help. She carefully choose a team based around my needs at the time and created a support base to encourage and asset in my rehab.

“Together we made progress in addressing my orthopaedic and mental issues at the time which included appropriate specialist help and ensuring that I had the correct level of care and encouragement to move forward in my rehabilitation.

“Rhiannon liaised with my family and legal team to make sure I was getting the best possible assistance and this combined with regular professional assessments enabled me to move forward towards an improved quality of life in a time when I could not see a way forward.

“I have now received settlement for my injuries which means I can start to recreate my life and move forward. I am in employment again, a major milestone and one that at one point was considered an extremely marginal possibility. I have purpose and meaning to my life and whilst there is still a long way to go, I now have a reason to get out of bed in the mornings and a structure of measured support around me to help me when things become difficult.

“I cannot recommend Rhiannon and her team at Stokes Case Management enough. Her professional support and expertise has changed my life. Because of her intervention my life now once again has the possibility of a bright future.”

Christopher Simmons, an ABI survivor and a Stokes client.


"All round excellent case managers who I would be happy to recommend to anyone.”


“I have worked with Rhiannon on several large and complex Traumatic Brain Injury cases where she has made a huge difference.

“Her relationship with and understanding of the client and his or her needs has always been first class, her energy and enthusiasm apparently inexhaustible and her understanding of the differing needs of the client, the family, the advising lawyers and the court have been truly impressive.

“She and the wider team are a pleasure to work with and their efforts have always benefited the client both pre and post settlement. All round excellent case managers who I would be happy to recommend to anyone.”

Richard A Hartley QC, Cobden House Chambers


"Invaluable combination."


“I have been working with Rhiannon and her team at Stokes Case Management now for over a year on a complex case (with an individual who suffered a brain injury later in life). I am regularly extremely impressed by how Rhiannon (and Emma!), deal with this at times extremely challenging individual.

“Without any kind of exaggeration Rhiannon has turned this individual’s life around since arriving as his case manager, taking them from an environment which was totally unsuitable and causing depression, and reintegrating them back into life in a city environment where they are now thriving. This has not been without difficulty, and it is as testimony to the strong relationship they have built that they are able to challenge this individual when needed and work together to achieve positive outcomes.

“Rhiannon and her team have been great to work with from a Deputy’s point of view, their professional knowledge, experience and input at meetings essential, ease of contact and general good humour make for an invaluable combination.”

Edward Vidnes, Senior Associate (Private Client), Royds Withy King.


"Risen to the challenge...Proactive, hands-on approach."


“I have instructed Stokes Case Management in connection with two exceptionally complex brain injury cases. They have risen to the challenge and adopted a pro-active ‘hands on’ approach, coping well with the inevitable problems that arise.

They have a deep understanding of the needs of my clients and a sympathetic and diplomatic approach with their families, aiming to build constructive relationships. I am impressed by their admin back-up in managing the recruitment and employment of care teams. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stokes Case Management.”

David Ross, Solicitor & Professional Deputy.


"Their ability to manage the care team and get the best results for our clients is second to none."


“At NewLaw we act on behalf of clients across England and Wales who have suffered life changing injuries as a result of accidents that were not their fault. Our primary aim throughout that involvement, both as personal injury solicitors, professional deputy and professional trustee, is to provide our clients with first class rehabilitation in order that they have the best chance of as full a recovery as possible.  It is with this in mind that we use Stokes Case Management.

“Rhiannon and her team of case managers will engage with our clients from the outset and pull together a needs assessment based on their unparalleled knowledge of private and statutory services in the relevant area.

“Their ability to manage the care team and get the best results for our clients is second to none. Communication with the team is easy and so there are rarely any surprises when it comes to managing cash flow during the litigation.

“We find them very professional throughout their involvement with our clients and they are a pleasure to collaborate with in what is often a very demanding environment.”

Robert Thomas
, Director & Court of Protection Deputy, NewLaw Solicitors.


"They carry my highest recommendation."


“I have utilised the services of Stokes Case Management for two spinal injury cases where Rhiannon Stokes was jointly instructed. Both cases have throw up left of field challenges and have been far from straightforward.

“The team have risen to all challenges admirably, working in a pro-active, open, highly professional and communicative way and often to extremely demanding timescales. Crucially, Stokes always put the best interests of the injured party at the forefront of what they do. They carry my highest recommendation.”

Daniel Menell, Partner, Ross Aldridge Solicitors.


"I have been so impressed with their energy and compassion, experience and care."


“I have worked with Rhiannon and her team in connection with two complex cases. I have been so impressed with their energy and compassion, experience and care. In each case, the client and family have benefited hugely from Stokes Case Management’s holistic approach to a very difficult situation.

“Rhiannon and her team have also demonstrated a very good understanding of the litigation process and the roles of the Litigation Friend and Deputy, advising lawyers and experts in the case.”

Tim Musgrave, Senior Solicitor, Huttons Solicitors & Advocates.