Daily Record Form – CS

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • Showering/bathing/dressing etc. Note support/prompts required.
  • Specify what activities have been done and document details on how Chris engaged. Specify support required and why
  • Specify support required and why
  • Specify support required and why, and how Chris engaged. Detail support required in between sessions relating to each.
  • Detail how Chris and team have worked towards his goals – note goal number and title.
  • Temper/ behavioural outbursts complete a separate ABC, note here if separate ABC completed
  • Note difficulty with memory, insight into needs and risks, confusion, and any other cognitive difficulties observed, and strategies used to assist.
  • e.g. gym, note Chris’s ability / any problems/support required and why/prompts required.
  • Include changes in the client’s needs and/or usual behaviour or routine and action taken
    Also include unusual or changed circumstances that affect the client – highlight any deviations.
  • Include Matters or Concerns Regarding Chris’s Health and Well-Being or Requests Made for Assistance Over and Above That Agreed in The Care Plan.
  • Brief description – Fill in form and email to CM/ACM.
  • Ask Chris how his night was and review Fitbit sleep data together. Note Chris’s feedback.