Frenkel Topping Deputy Day 2016: Our Clinical Director joins Wellbeing Panel

Enabling Wellbeing: Stokes Case Management joins a panel of wellbeing experts at national professional deputies conference.

Rhiannon Stokes, our Clinical Director, was invited to join a panel of peer-regarded experts at the prestigious annual Frenkel Topping Deputy Day London 2016 to share best practice and advice on overcoming the barriers to making wellbeing decisions and long-term strategies for vulnerable individuals.

The Event

Frenkel Topping’s Deputy Day London event is the go-to conference for Court of Protection appointed deputies and trustees, barristers, litigators, case managers and others responsible for ensuring the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals.

This year’s event on 12 May 2016 at the Grand Connaught Rooms attracted over 150 professionals from across England and Wales and generated national legal media headlines.

Rhiannon was invited to join a Wellbeing Panel to advise deputies on how to construct and approach a wellbeing plan for vulnerable individuals, identifying useful techniques to ensure a long-termism approach. The panel used the wellbeing principles from the Care Act 2014 as a discussion guide to support a fictional individual given in a case study prepared for the event.

The Panel

  • Robert Thomas, Director & Deputy, NewLaw Trustees Ltd (Panel Chair)
  • Andrew Ritchie QC, Barrister, 9 Gough Square (Conference Chair)
  • Edward Lamb, Barrister, 9 Gough Square
  • Paul Rosson, Senior Consultant, Frenkel Topping
  • Peter Edwards, Director & Deputy, Peter Edwards Law
  • Paula Barnes, Partner, Moore Blatch LLP
  • Rhiannon Stokes, Clinical Director, Stokes Case Management
  • Dr Richard Maddicks, Director, Psychology Chartered

Who Decides?

One of the most significant concerns raised during the panel session was that of decision-making on behalf of the individual. As the Care Act 2014 wellbeing principles involve elements that include families, partners and carers, implementing the requirements of the Care Act 2014 and creating holistic wellbeing strategies can often be challenging; it’s not always clear who the decision-maker is.

In some instances, decisions are made in line with the Care Act 2014 that aren’t always in the ‘best interest’ of the individual in the long term.

Rhiannon noted an example of a vulnerable individual who may have been placed in an excellent care facility (good decision) but has become isolated and lonely as they have moved away from family / friends (thus reducing the long-term wellbeing benefits provided by the level of care support).

She also praised Frenkel Topping for having identified the need for multi-disciplinary collaboration to ensure the long-term wellbeing of an individual is assessed, catered for, monitored, adapted, funded and managed throughout their life – and by a series of relevant and highly experienced professionals.

The panel concluded that for deputies and trustees of vulnerable clients, ensuring the wellbeing principles of the Care Act 2014 while making ‘best interest’ decisions requires long-term vision, flexibility, creativity and, in most cases, a great deal of collaboration.

TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More)

We as case managers have to advise deputies and trustees on the holistic wellbeing principles, offering solutions that balance out the physical and psychological benefits or prioritise need at different times. Each individual is different; a one-size solution does not fit all. This is why we offer a TEAM approach to all cases and strongly promote teamwork to fulfil the wellbeing principles today and tomorrow, for all of our clients.

Ensuring and protecting the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals is central to all the advice we offer as Case Managers; it’s in our ethos and culture when working with both professionals and individual clients.

Our TEAM is here to support deputies, trustees, litigators and other professionals to build a better quality of life through bespoke Wellbeing plans – from care and accommodation to social integration and rehabilitation for clients across England and Wales.

We love planning over a brew so please contact us today to arrange a meeting!