A helping hand

We have compiled a handy list of organisations, resources and links to information that we feel may be of interest to you or your clients and their families.

(Please note: any information provided by these third parties isn’t endorsed by Stokes Case Management).

Useful organisations:


Handy resources

If you’re looking to understand the role of a case manager and how they work, feel free to contact our office to have a chat through our processes and your clients’ needs.

BABICM, the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers, provides a handy guide to case management and what it means for both clients and families as well as legal professionals.

Please click here for the BABICM guide for clients and families. Click here for the BABICM guide for legal professionals.



The Silverlining Brain Injury Charity

The Silverlining brain injury charity offers unique hope by helping clients rebuild their lives by helping others. It supports clients to participate in and organise charity challenges, for charities often dear to their hearts, having meaning or relevance to their lives and personal experiences or may be specifically for Silverlining projects they wish to complete. thesilverlining.org.uk

The busy and vibrant Silverlining Wales branch is chaired by our Clinical Director Rhiannon Stokes. If you would like some further information on sponsoring the Welsh branch – which relies entirely on donations, or to offer voluntary support for their groups, from the Silver Sketchers and Silver Stitchers to the Silver Spades (who run an allotment in South Wales), please contact Rhiannon here.