Sue Young

OT & Case Manager

Sue has 27 years’ experience as an occupational therapist in social services, health and private practice and three years in case management. She has worked with adults and children addressing physical and mental health conditions. 

Sue has worked with a variety of specialities including lower limb amputees, orthopaedics, head injury, spinal injuries, neurodegenerative conditions, dementia, anxiety and depression, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and complex multi-pathology diagnoses. 

Sue recognises the benefits of statutory services provision and utilises their services where possible, but also identifies where there is potential for clients to achieve their goals or maintain high quality of life through the appointment of private specialists. Sue manages multidisciplinary teams to support her clients and recognises the importance of good communication. She always places the client and family at the centre of all decision making. 

Sue has completed comprehensive immediate needs reports for clients who have experienced catastrophic work-based accidents and road traffic collisions resulting in orthopaedic injuries and lower limb amputation. Her experience of working in acute, rehabilitation and community settings enables her to recognise short and long-term needs and identify services and health care professionals best placed to address clients’ limitations.  

Sue is very familiar with complex housing needs and adaptations, recognising when properties can and cannot be adapted and identifying properties that have the potential to meet need. She has made recommendations for new build complexes and has led work on new homes with major bespoke adaptations for clients with a variety of conditions to optimise their independence and control over their environment. 

Sue has extensive experience of complex manual handling and has provided individual training programmes for personal carers, agencies or family looking after adults and children. She is adept at recommending and monitoring care packages for clients experiencing complex medical conditions, recognising where there is room for improvement and advising carers on utilising rehabilitative techniques for care provision. 

She actively seeks training and learning opportunities and enjoys sharing her knowledge and applying it creatively to clients. She has attained a certificate from the University of East Anglia on the role of personal care assistants in disability support and is completing a Physiopedia training course on amputee rehabilitation. 

 Sue is passionate about quality work and takes pride in being thorough and evidencing her outcomes with sound clinical reasoning based on individual goals and aspirations.  

Member of BABICM & RCOT

HCPC Registered & DBS Checked