Case Management

Case Management

393A3835-2At Stokes Case Management Ltd, our experience as Case Managers and qualified health & social care professionals means that we are able to provide the highest quality Case Management, offering a fuller range of services than one might otherwise expect.

Stokes Case Management Ltd aims to change the way you think about using and collaborating with Case Managers, with a wider supplementary service for Older Adults  to support you further, every step of the way.

Alongside the traditional Case Manager role , we go the extra mile to ensure a bespoke and highly valuable partnership with the client and their team.

What we can do:

  • Meet and greet with clients: Our friendly Case Managers are always happy to meet and greet to ensure that they are well matched to the client ( an essential foundation for success).
  • Detailed assessment quotes: We create quotes that are specific purely to the needs of the clients.
  • Visit and carry out assessments in client’s own home: These assessments result in the creation of detailed, concise and professional reports, every time.
  • Goal-orientated outcome plans: ‘Where we need to get to’ is an essential consideration and is often overlooked. A bespoke and focused approach is at the heart of our professional culture. This leads to achievable, positive and development-oriented results.
  • HR office support (in collaboration with Penninsula): This allows us to recruit, train and supervise experienced support workers on behalf of the clients, thereby ensuring consistently high quality support.
  • Holistic & bespoke documentation for support staff.
  • Support worker payroll services and client account management.

How to work with us:

We have a strong, professional team, whose profiles are available to view on the website’s ‘Team Page’. These details can also be accessed by contacting the office directly. Our office can also provide full detailed CVs on request.

Our Case Managers arrange assessments and provide comprehensive reports within an agreed time-frame, making your life as simple as possible.

We can prepare quotes for assessment and send them straight to your office. Terms and Conditions apply and are also provided in full.

We are always on hand to speak to you about a potential referral, face-to-face or on the phone.

If you have any particular questions or requirements, please call us on 029 2043 2858. Alternatively you can email the office: